Danielle Jacobus, Kiera Gilbert, Briana Brennan, Amy Roberts, Jules Gross, Alexis Kinhart, Kat Buswell, Liesl Young, Anastasia Wagner, Frances Stephens, Grace Meyers, and Caroline Rosenberry

For more information on becoming a member of the JR Board or JR Committee, please contact Lisa Albrecht at Lisa@mohssinfo.com

As a Board Member you would:

  1. Sign up to organize or assist in running at least one MOHSS Charity event (College members will have first choice of month if they attend school out of town/state).  Be available to help other JR Board members at the show during their month of responsibility.
  2. Attend JR Board meetings and/or work sessions.  This may be replaced by and/or also include skype sessions, phone calls, and email exchanges.
  3. Support the MOHSS in other areas of interest.  This may also support a college/career goal.   Areas may include, but are not limited to, advertising, show photographer for our end of the year slideshow, fundraising, planning charity opportunities, and reporter.
  4. Mentor our younger MOHSS members and/or disabled riders.  Cheer for them in the ring, help with Leadline, encourage them to participate in our charity activities, help them with preparing to go in the ring and any horse related issues that might come up.
  5. Model good leadership and mentor your JR Committee Members during the year.
  6. Be our MOHSS ambassadors at all the shows!  Wear your JR Board member shirts.  Meet and greet our members and families, answer questions, and help where needed.

Awesome experience!  You are on the ground floor of something new and exciting and you have an opportunity to shape it and help it grow.

You will be publicly recognized for your efforts at the end of the season.  

Charity & Service opportunities are a wonderful way for you to give back and make a difference in the world.

High School / College Level Youth

Any MOHSS member that is in 8th grade or above can be assigned a leadership position on the MOHSS Junior Board.  Being a board member would mean that you are taking on a major role with our Community Service, MOHSS support, and mentorship of younger members (10 and under and disabled riders), and mentoring the JR Committee members in their leadership development.  



​Kayla Dustin, Charlotte Allen, Riley Fitsgibbon, Marcelo Vazques, Isabel Kalandros and Sophia Kalandros

Any MOHSS member that is in the 5th grade or above can be assigned a position in the MOHSS JR Committee.  High School/College level members can also have the option to serve on the JR Committee instead of the JR Board.  Your main duties will be to work as ring crew during part of the show days and to support our charities each month.  You may also work with JR Board Members with their charity month duties prior to the show. 


Great way to build your resume for work and college!  You have adults involved that know you and care about you.  We will be there to write your letters of recommendation and document your accomplishments.

5th Grade and Up