​​​What is it?  The MOHSS Challenge encourages all our riders to participate in the full range of classes appropriate to your division and to expand the riders' knowledge, both mounted and unmounted.

How do I do the Challenge?  First you must ride in two classes of your choice PLUS ride the Trail Class for your division.  For example, your Equitation class, Pleasure class or jumping class (if appropriate), then your Trail class, whatever you like!  Next...come to the JR Board Charity Booth and see Miss Lisa or Miss Karen to answer one or two simple questions or demonstrate a simple horsemanship skill.

Why participate in the MOHSS Challenge?  MOHSS believes in the value of being a well-rounded and knowledgeable horse person both on and off the horse.  Too much skill is a good thing!  And an important part of you are your horses' safety!  Riders who complete the "Challenge" will receive a participation ribbon.  Riders who have completed four (4) Challenges in the Show Season will be eligible to participate in the Challenge Finale at the last show in October.

NOTE:  This year we will be breaking each challenge into three groups to make it fun and fair for everyone.  If you ride in Leadline or Mini Short Stirrup you will do the beginner challenge.  If you ride in Short Stirrup, Long Stirrup, or Adult Long Stirrup you will do the intermediate challenge.  If you ride in Junior, Senior, or Open you will do the advanced challenge.  

2017 Challenges:


Beginner- Why is it unsafe to leave a horse alone at the fence or trailer?

Intermediate- Why is it unsafe to leave a horse alone at the fence or trailer?

Advanced - What do you do if your horse gets into trouble when tied?  


Beginner - What is a "break-away halter"?

Intermediate - What is a "break-away halter"?

Advanced - What is a "break-away halter"?


Beginner - why is a quick-release knot important?

Intermediate - DEMO - Quick-Release Knot

Senior- DEMO - Quick-Release Knot


Beginner - Mystery Box ID

Intermediate - Mystery Box ID 

Senior - Mystery Box ID


Beginner - Anatomy - withers, hoof, muzzle

Intermediate - Anatomy - cannon bone, hock, barrel

Senior - Anatomy - dock, croup, orbital socket


Beginner - What is the resting heart rate of an average horse/pony?

Intermediate - What is the resting heart rate of an average horse/pony?

Senior - What are three vital statistics to access your horses' health?


Everyone will be asked to answer three questions and preform one safety-related task. Remember that you must participate in four challenges to qualify for the finale. 

The Maryland Open Horse Show Series Challenge